Class of 2019 – Lectures

Friday, 02 August

Law of the Sea new Challenges

Conservation and Sustainable Use of Marine Biological Diversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ)

Liesbeth Lijnzaad

BBNJ presentation

Monday, 22 July


Roots of the Tribunal
The UNCLOS Regime

Presentation Gudmundur Eirikson 2019


Dispute Settlement – UNCLOS Part XV

Presentation Ximena Hinrichs Oyarce

Tuesday, 23 July


ITLOS Jurisprudence

Contentious Cases – Merits

Presentation 2 Ximena Hinrichs Oyarce

Thursday, 25 July

UNCLOS Maritime Delimitation & Delineation

Handout Prof. R. Wolfrum

Friday, 26 July

UNCLOS Marine Scientific Research

Presentation Norman Martinez

Extra-Curricular Activity: Hamburg Port Authority

Presentation Hamburg Port Authority

Monday, 29 July

UNCLOS Rights & Duties of Flag States - Piracy

Presentation Andrew Murdoch

UNCLOS Fisheries

Presentation Tomas Heidar

Monday, 5 August

Shipping (1)

Introduction into the industry

Presentation John Doviak

Wednesday, 7 August

Maritime Law (3): Hague/Visby-, Hamburg- & Rotterdam Rules

John Hare

Presentation Session 2 – Salvage & Towage 2019

Extracts from Hague Visby

Hamburg Rules

Rotterdam Rules

Moot Court Coaching

Johannes Fuchs

Presentation Moot Court Coaching

Thursday, 8 August

Friday, 09 August

Oil Pollution (1) and (2)

Various types of damage resulting from spills from ships – compensation and insurance issues (1) and (2)

Måns Jacobsson

Bunkers presentation

Bunkers handout

Tankers presentation

Tankers handout

HNS presentation

HNS handout


Interrelations presentation

Monday, 12 August

Ship Building & Vessel Financing (1): The Role of Classification Societies

Gesa Heinacher-Lindemann

Presentation: The Role of Classification Societies

Ship Building & Vessel Financing (2): Sale & Purchase and Ship Finance

Christian Finnern

Presentation: Sale & Purchase and Ship Finance

Wednesday, 14 August

ILO Consolidated Maritime Labour Convention

Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry

Presentation Doumbia Henry