Class of 2023 Lectures

Monday, 31 July

UNCLOS as the Constitutions for the Oceans

Anna Petrig

Petrig IFLOS 2023 The LOSC As The Constitution For The Oceans

Zonal Approach to the Law of the Sea

David Attard

IFLOS Zonal Approach 31.07.23

Tuesday, 01 August

Baselines under the International Law of the Sea

Clive Schofield

Schofield Baselines 1 August 2023

Offshore Resources

Robin Cleverly

Offshore Resources 2023

Wednesday, 02 August

Maritime Delimitation Workshop

John Brown and Robin Cleverly

Workshop Lectures 2023

Thursday, 03 August

Law of the Sea and Climate Change

Clive Schofield

Schofield Climate Change And The International Law Of The Sea 2023

The Regime of the Area and Jurisdiction of the Seabed Disputes Chamber

Erik van Doorn

Law Of The Sea And Climate Change 230803

Friday, 04 August

Maritime Security: Piracy and Maritime Terrorism

Andrew Murdoch

Maritime Security IFLOS Summer Academy 2023

Hamburg Port Authority

Manfred Lebmeier

230804 IFLOS HPA Summer Academy

Monday, 07 August

Sustainable Use and Conservation of BBNJ

Liesbeth Linjzaad


Individuals and the International Law of the Sea

Irini Papanicolopolou

Hamburg IFLOS 2023 Papanicolopulu

Tuesday, 08 August

Settlement of Disputes under UNCLOS and the Role of ITLOS

Tomas Heidar

IFLOS Summer Academy Dispute Settlement In The Law Of The Sea And The Role And Jurisprudence Of ITLOS

The regime of fisheries under the law of the sea

Eva van der Marel

The Regime Of Fisheries And LOS IFLOS 2023

Wednesday, 09 August

Jurisdiction under Part XV LOSC

Ximena Hinrichs

Jurisdiction Under Part XV LOSC IFLOS 2023

Open Event: Regional Approaches to the Law of the Sea

Dr. Paul Adalikwu (Secretary General, Maritime Organization of West & Central Africa)

Dr Paul Adalikwu Presentation

Sushil Goswami (Rashtriya Raksha University)

Mr Sushil Goswami Presentation

Angel Horna (Permanent Mission of Peru to the International Organizations in Geneva)

Dr Angel Horna Presentation

Thursday, 10 August

ITLOS: Prompt Release, Provisional Measures, Advisory Opinions

Marco Benatar

Prompt Release, Provisional Measures, Advisory Opinions IFLOS Lecture

Marine Environmental Protection

Vasco Becker-Weinberg

Marine Environmental Protection IFLOS 2023

Friday, 11 August

Navigating the High Seas: Flag and Port State Jurisdiction

Ida Caracciolo

Flag And Port State Jurisdiction IFLOS 2023

Marine Scientific Research

Elda Belja


Monday, 14 August

Shipping and WTO Law

Ruosi Zhang

International Shipping And WTO Law 2023

Tuesday, 15 August

The Role of Classification Societies

Gesa Heinacher-Lindemann

230815_The Role of Classification Societies_Heinacher-Lindemann

Maritime Law: Carriage of Goods by Sea 1, Charterparties

Rory Butler


Wednesday, 16 August

Maritime Law: Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims

Norman Martinez

IFLOS LLMC (2023) Final


Thursday, 17 August

Maritime Law: Carriage of Goods by Sea 2 (Hague/Visby-, Hamburg- & Rotterdam Rules)

Christoph Zarth

IFLOS Zarth 2023

Friday, 18 August

Maritime Law: Building and Scrapping Ships

Dharshini Bandara

Presentation Building and Scrapping Ships IFLOS 2023

Monday, 21 August

Ship Building & Vessel Financing: S&P, Ship Finance

Christian Finnern

C. Finnern IFLOS Summer Academy 2023

Tuesday, 22 August

Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage

Gaute Sivertsen

01 IFLOS Presentation (GS)

02 IFLOS Presentation (GS)

ILO Consolidated Maritime Labour Convention

Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry

Origins, Adoption And Implementation Of The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006) As Revised