Dr. Agustín Blanco-Bazán

Dr. Agustín Blanco-Bazán

  • Senior Deputy Director, Legal Affairs, International Maritime Organisation

Dr. Agustin Blanco Bazán (born 1949) a citizen of Argentina, obtained his law degree at the Faculty of Law, University of Buenos Aires. He also did post-grade studies on Philosophy, International Law and Political Sciences at the University of Vienna, Austria.

In 1984, Dr. Blanco-Bazán joined the International Maritime Organization (IMO) a specialized agency of the United Nations and is now Senior Deputy Director in charge of Legal Affairs there.

His tasks at IMO include: – extensive traveling to developing countries to advise on the implementation of shipping regulations of UNCLOS and international maritime law treaties adopted by IMO; – drafting of international treaties; – participation as a speaker at meetings of the UN and other international organizations; – lecturing on issues related to Law of the Sea, Maritime Law and Crimes at Sea at international fora, universities and other academic institutions.

He is also the author of articles and essays on these subjects.

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