José Louis Jesus

Judge José Luis Jesus

  • Member of the Tribunal since 1 October 1999
  • re-elected as from 1 October 2008
  • FIfth President of the Tribunal 2008-2011

Born: Vila da Ribeira Grande – Santo Antão, Cape Verde, 20 September 1950.

Education: Law Degree, School of Law, Classical University of Lisbon (1978); International Law Certificate, Saint John’s University, New York (1985); M.A., Government and Politics, Saint John’s University, New York (1985).

Professional Experience: Delegate and Head of Cape Verde delegation to the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea (1979-1982); Sixth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly (1979-1994); Counsellor (Legal Adviser) (1981-1987), Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of Cape Verde (1987-1991), Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Cape Verde to the United Nations in New York (1991-1994); Chairman, Group of 77 for the Law of the Sea (1986); Chairman, Group of African States at the United Nations (1986); Head of the Cape Verde delegation to United Nations Conference on the Law of Treaties between States and International Organizations or between International Organizations, Vienna (1986); Chairman, Preparatory Commission for the International Seabed Authority and for the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (1987-1995); President, United Nations Security Council (July 1992 and November 1993); Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for the Great Lakes Region, Central Africa (1994); Ambassador of Cape Verde to Portugal, Spain and Israel (1994-1996); Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (1996-1998); Minister of Foreign Affairs and Communities (1998-1999); Chairman, National Commission on the Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries, Cape Verde; Legal Consultant for technical assistance in the drafting of fisheries legislation, FAO; Lecturer at several seminars on the law of the sea, humanitarian law and international relations.

Member: Cape Verde Bar Association.

Publications: Author of publications in the fields of the law of the sea and humanitarian law.

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