Professor Catherine Redgwell

Professor Catherine Redgwell

  • University College, London

Catherine Redgwell is Professor of International Law at London’s University College; she served as Vice-Dean of the Faculty from 2004-2006. She joined the Faculty in January 2004 from the University of Oxford, where she was a Reader in Public International Law from 2000 and University Lecturer in Public International Law from 1999.

Previously she was a lecturer, then senior lecturer, at the University of Nottingham, having started her academic career with a lectureship at the University of Manchester. In 1992/93 she spent six months on secondment to the Legal Advisers, Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Catherine is a member of the Academic Advisory Group (AAG) of the Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law of the International Bar Association, and has also served on its steering committee for a number of years. She is also a member of the Council of the British Branch of the International Law Association, and of the Public International Law Advisory Board of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law. In addition to serving as joint general editor and chair of the editorial board of the International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Catherine is on the editorial advisory boards of a number of international publications including the Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law, Environmental Liability, and the Singapore Yearbook of International Law.

Her research interests fall broadly within the public international field, including international energy law and international environmental law.

Current environmental research includes completion of the co-authored second edition of Lyster’s International Wildlife Law (CUP, 2008) (with Michael Bowman and Peter Davies of Nottingham University) and of the co-authored third edition of Birnie & Boyle’s International Law & the Environment (OUP, 2008) (with Professor Alan Boyle of the University of Edinburgh). Her energy research focuses on the international legal regulation of energy actors and activities, ranging from environmental impact to public participation and corporate accountability issues. Indeed, with climate change and the pressure to move beyond a strongly carbon-based economy, her research is increasingly at the confluence of international environmental and energy law.

She co-edited and contributed to Beyond the Carbon Economy: Energy Law in Transition (Oxford University Press, 2008), co-edited with Professor Donald Zillman (Maine), Yinka Omorogbe (Ibadan) and Lila Barrera-Hernandez (Calgary). This book is the published outcome of a recent collaborative research project of the Academic Advisory Group of the Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law of the International Bar Association.

A list of publications is to be found on UCL’s website.

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