Professor Manfred Zachcial

Prof. Dr. Manfred Zachcial

  • Bremen University

Prof. Dr. Manfred Zachcial has a chair of economics and statistics at Bremen University and belongs to the Board of Directors of the Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics (ISL), Bremen.

Professor Zachcial has been working on economics, land and maritime transport projects since 1972. He is a leading authority on transportation economics, statistics, planning, logistics and maritime information systems. In addition to his academic responsibilities, Prof. Zachcial advises governments and international agencies on transportation strategies, port and shipping information systems, and on the feasibility of various transport infrastructure developments. His wide ranging research activities have resulted in numerous published works on modelling in both land and maritime transport, including transhipments at European sea ports. One of his major research activities is the analysis and forecast of world container shipping along the whole transport chains including hinterland transport.

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