Shunji Yanai

Judge Shunji Yanai

  • Member of the Tribunal since 1 October 2002
  • sixth president of the Tribunal since October 2011

Born: Tokyo, Japan, 15 January 1937.

Education: LL.B. Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo (1961).

Professional Experience: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1961-2002): Director, International Conventions Division (1976-1977), Director, Legal Affairs Division (1977-1978), Director, Treaties Division (1978-1981), Counsellor-Minister, Japanese Embassy, Republic of Korea (1981-1984), Deputy Director-General, Asian Affairs Bureau (1984-1987), Deputy Director-General, Treaties Bureau (1987), Consul General of Japan, San Francisco (1987-1990), Director-General, Treaties Bureau (1990-1992), Executive Secretary, International Peace Cooperation Headquarters, Prime Minister’s Office (1992-1993), Director-General, Foreign Policy Bureau (1993-1995), Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs (1995-1997), Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs (1997-1999), Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Japanese Embassy, United States of America (1999-2001); Professor of International Law, Chuo University, Tokyo (2002-2007); Visiting Professor of International Law, Waseda University, Tokyo (2002-2007); Senior Advisor to the Rector, United Nations University (2003-present); Director, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (2003-present); Director, Proudfoot Japan Inc. (2007-present); Professor, Waseda University, Tokyo (2007-present); Advisor, Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc. (2008-present); President, International Law Association (Japan Branch) (2009-present).

Member: Vienna Conference on the Law of Treaties (1968-1969); UN Conference on Trade and Development (1972); UN General Assembly Sessions (First, Second and Sixth Committees, 1972-1974, 1976, 1991, 1993-1996); UN Outer Space Committee and Legal Sub-committee Sessions (1973-1974); Third UN Conference on the Law of the Sea (1973-1978); Drafting Committee of the Law of the Territorial Sea (1977); fisheries negotiations with Indonesia, the Soviet Union and the Republic of Korea (1978-1980); Japan Korea Joint Committee on the Continental Shelf (1985); APEC (1995); ASEAN Regional Forum (1995-1996); ASEM (1995-1996); Political Directors Meeting of G7/G8 Summit (1996-1997).

Publications: Author of numerous articles, including “Japan and the Emerging Order of the Sea: Two Maritime Laws of Japan”, Japanese Annual of International Law, 1978; “Presentation Made at the Trade Bill Conference, Brigham Young Law School”, Brigham Young University Law Review, 1989; “Law Concerning Cooperation for United Nations Peace-keeping Operations and Other Operations: the Japanese PKO Experience”, Japanese Annual of International Law, 1993; “Japan’s Legal Framework for Peace-keeping Operations and International Humanitarian Relief Operations”, Japan-US-Canada Trilateral Perspectives on International Legal Issues, 1996; “Remembering and Forgetting: The U.S. Role in the Asia Pacific at the Turn of the Century”, The CSIS Press, 2001; “Evolution of Japan’s Peace-keeping Operations”, United Nations’ Contributions to the Prevention and Settlement of Conflicts – Series of the Institute of Comparative Law in Japan, 2003; “La coopération régionale contre la piraterie en Asie”, Annuaire français de droit international, 2006; “Drastic Changes in Japan’s Diplomacy” (in Japanese), The Asahi Shinbun, 2007.

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