Welcome to IFLOS

Our mission

The International Foundation for the Law of the Sea (IFLOS) was founded in Hamburg in order to increase public awareness of the important work of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS). One of the main tasks of IFLOS is to strengthen the knowledge of Law of the Sea and Maritime Law internationally, in particular in less developed countries. We intend to foster the dialogue between the academic world, the Judges of the Tribunal and those working in the field of maritime commerce.

Our summer academy

Since its founding in 2007 the "IFLOS Summer Academy" at the seat of ITLOS in Hamburg has become a center of excellence for students and junior staff in the field of international law of the sea and maritime law. The schedule also includes maritime-related subjects from economics and natural sciences. Judges from the Tribunal and renowned representatives from academia and maritime commerce serve as lecturers to a carefully selected group of highly motivated participants from around the globe.

Our Partners

The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) is the natural and most important partner of the International Foundation for the Law of the Sea (IFLOS). However, the Foundation takes pride in the fact that also other prestigious institutions support our activities, the IFLOS Summer Academy in particular. We recommend to find out more about these partners on our partners page. There are various areas of common interest as well as joint activities; we will publish events on our events pages from time to time.

ITLOS Rotunda

The Tribunal

Venue for Jurisprudence, Research and Learning in the field of International Law of the Sea at a global level.

Center of Excellence

Dedicated group of highly-motivated participants from around the world.

Global Network

High potential future decision makers from over 133 countries.