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As a newcomer to Hamburg, do I get information about the accomodation, travelling around the city, dress code, banking facilities, consulates etc. ?
Upon admission to the Summer Academy you will receive a “Welcome to Hamburg” paper with loads of useful information, covering each and any question we encountered over the last three years. Once you are here, you will also receive all sorts of tourist information . If you have a question which is new to us, the Team will try to help and accommodate your needs.
I have also applied for an Internship at ITLOS during the time of the Summer Academy; if successful, does that exclude my participation ?
First of all, you need to tell us about such application at your earliest convenience (preferably with the electronic submission). If you are accepted as an Intern as well as a Summer Academy participant, we will liaise with the Tribunal and ensure that the Summer Academy will form part of your Internship. We’d expect you to retain your Intern accommodation in Hamburg for the duration of the Summer Academy.
Do I need to submit a TOEFL or IELTS certificate as proof of English proficiency if I studied and graduated within an English language program ?
No; as from 2014, we waive the certificate requirement in such cases.
Will the Summer Academy be held as a hybrid event, allowing participants to participate remotely?
The Summer Academy has always benefitted immensely from the physical presence of all participants, faculty, and organisers. Furthermore, holding the Summer Academy as a hybrid event would entail significant technical and practical challenges, ranging from handling the time differences to acquiring suitable video equipment. We have therefore decided to keep the Summer Academy an in-person event. Dependent on each session’s schedule and the above-mentioned issues, certain parts of the Summer Academy (e.g. the “open event”) may be made available online as a stream or an asynchronous video upload.