Latest Status

This is the Class of 2019.

The 2019 session ended with Graduation on 16 August.

Due to changes in the Summer Academy’s management, the next session (in 2022) will differ slightly from those of past years. Still, for a general idea of what to expect during the Course, seen through the eyes of some of our participants, has been recorded in the 2019 Diary.

A general overview of the Summer Academy can be found in our flyer “Summer Academy in a Nutshell“.

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PLEASE NOTE that the working language of the Summer Academy is English.

2022 session: Online applications closed!

After two years of canceled in-person Summer Academies, the Foundation is undeterred and has been planning an in-person session for the year 2022 to continue the beautiful years-long tradition. Many excellent applications have reached us, and outstanding participants have been chosen to attend. It is not possible to apply for this year’s session anymore. Should you be interested in joining next year’s session, please visit this site in late 2022/early 2023 again to find out about the application process. Until then, all relevant information can be found in the FAQs. For questions beyond that, please do not hesitate to contact