FAQ: Application

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I’m an undergraduate and took an interest in the Law of the Sea; does it make sense to apply ?
You might stand a certain chance to be considered, if you are advanced in your legal studies, preferably close to graduation, obtained excellent grades and focussed on public International Law, Law of the Sea or Maritime Law. Your letters of Reference need to be written by your supervising tutors and to state as to whether attendance would be beneficial to yourself and your classmates. You will, however, not be eligible for any financial support.
I’m currently attending a Master’s program und would like to attend; would I be eligible ?
An admission would depend on several further circumstances, e.g., quality of your Bachelor exam and the topics of your Master’s course. You would also have to demonstrate an intense interest in Law of the Sea / Maritime Law and provide excellent references, preferably from your tutors.
I own a Master’s degree but have never touched Law of the Sea so far; I’m interested to close that gap – should I submit an application ?
Your application would be considered. However, a Master’s degree is only one requirement. Admission might be granted depending on number and qualification of other candidates.
After graduating from Law School, I chose to take employment and never got around to do an LL.M. Could I join the Academy anyway ?
It is possible but would clearly depend very much on whether your current occupation is closely related to Law of the Sea or Maritime Law. As a practitioner in this field, you stand a fair chance.
I’m not a lawyer, but have a Master’s certificate in another area. Nevertheless, I’m interested in the Law of the Sea and would like to broaden my horizon – would you consider my submission ?
Yes, but you clearly need to demonstrate a strong link between your current occupation and / or career and the topics of the Summer Academy. Although the focus of the Academy is on legal issues, related topics are covered as well.
Unfortunately, I cannot get away from my job for 4 consequtive weeks; is part-time attendance an option?
As a rule, we do not offer part time arrangements. We might grant an exception, if places are available. You will, however, not be entitled to a Certificate and not eligible for any financial aid. The Course Fee needs to be fully paid as it is calculated on a per capita  cost basis regardless of the duration of your attendance.
Can I share attendance with a colleague, i.e. one attending the first two weeks and the other the remainder for one course fee ?
Subject to availability of places, time-sharing is an exceptional option, if both candidates would qualify for full attendance. Neither will, however, be entitled to a Certificate and eligible for any financial aid. Both parties need to pay the full Course Fee.  Accommodation costs – if required – will be equally split.
When will I be informed about the result of my application ?
Within 3 weeks after closure of the application period, the Foundation’s Selection Committee will finalise the list of participants and you will be notified as to whether your application was successful or you have been positioned on the waiting list or admission could not be granted. That decision is final.

Enquiries prior to that time will not yield any results; the Selection Committee will neither decide on specific cases beforehand nor advise about the chances of admission or your place on the waiting list. There is also no sense whatsoever in trying to approach functionaries of the Foundation directly.

What happens if I miss the deadline ?
If you do not submit an electronic application in time, the website application function will be closed for good and you will have to wait for the next Summer Academy in the following year.

However, if you find it difficult to meet the deadline (e.g. still waiting for recommendation letters or degree certificates or TOEFL results or distrust the mail service) let us know and the Foundation will try to accommodate your needs. We will always accept specific documents to be e-mailed as pdf. format before the deadline. Within reason, we will also wait for recommendation letters, provided you have named the person(s) to write the letter(s) of reference. Recommendations by direct e-mail or fax from the referee might also be accepted.

Do I get a refund, if I do not attend the extracurricular events, the excursions in particular ?
These parts of the program are organised for the whole Class, booked and paid in advance and attendance is obligatory. Leave of absence may be asked for and granted within reason but does not entitle to any refund.
Is there a penalty if I apply but are unable to attend eventually ?
A penalty does only apply if and when you have been notified about your application being successful and confirmed attendance. The penalty will be quantified in the Course Fee table.
What does it mean that applicants should not be older than 40 years of age and are there exceptions to the rule ?
The age limit of 40 years refers to the time of the Summer Academy, i.e. if your 40th birthday happened before the start of the course, the limit applies.

The limit is strictly applied as far as financial aid is concerned. Self-funding candidates above the age limit may seek an exception to be admitted as a regular participant. Candidates above the age of 45 could be admitted as a guest or observer (with the same rights and obligations as a regular participant) if places are available. However, the subsidized rate of accommodation cannot be granted – fees will be agreed individually.

If the age issue is marginal, i.e. if the 40th birthday occurs earlier in the same year, full scholarships would still not be available but a partial scholarship may be granted.

What are the requirements for letters of reference ?
Letters of Reference need to be in writing on a letter headed document of the institution the referee is representing; they need to be dated and signed by the referee. The letters need to be recent; i.e. written within the application period (usually between 1 February and 15 April of a given year.) and specifically for the purpose of the Summer Academy.

Referees need to know the applicant personally, having observed her or his academic and personal capabilities as supervisor for a longer period of time (at least 6 months) which must not be longer ago than 12 months. References from peers, friends or relatives are not acceptable.

References by email are acceptable as scanned document in pdf format if sent directly by the referee to summeracademy@iflos.org from an email account of the institution the referee is representing.