This electronic application portal is closed as of 31 March 2020

The following serves only as reminder of step 4 of the application process.

Welcome to the 2020 Summer Academy Application Process.


Before you start, please make sure that you have

Due to changes in the Summer Academy’s management, this year’s session will differ slightly from those of past years. Still, for a general idea of what to expect, we recommend looking into the 2019 Summer Academy documentation, 2019 Class Diary and 2019 Faculty.

Step 1

Please download the Application Form (PDF file) and save it to your computer under a different name, preferably “Application_2020_XXX (= your Family Name in CAPITALS)”.

Step 2

Please enter the required information into the PDF file, save it and, upon completion, send it as an email attachment to If available, send it from your private email account.

Please do NOT convert the PDF file into any other format. Please do NOT send any other documents at this stage.

Step 3

Now please wait for the Foundation’s confirmation of receipt (Registration). Please expect such confirmation as from 8 February 2020. Thereafter, this may take a few days; please allow at least one week before making any enquiries.

Should the Summer Academy Management find that your application is incomplete or appears misleading, we will tell you so. If you do not (yet) possess the qualification requirements, you will be notified accordingly and should refrain from proceeding. In all other cases you will be registered and asked to proceed to Step 4.

Step 4

Print the completed form and sign it. Now collect the required documents – copies of university degrees, English language certificate (e.g. TOEFL) or other proof of English language skills (unless native language or graduation from an English speaking academic program) and 2 recent letters of reference (for the purpose of the Summer Academy) – and send everything by mail to

International Foundation for the Law of the Sea
Villa Schröder
Am Internationalen Seegerichtshof 1
D-22609 Hamburg / Germany

Please note that your documents (hardcopies) need to arrive at our offices on 10 April 2020 latest. If you miss the deadline, your application will not be forwarded to the Selection Committee.

Please expect information about the outcome of your application as from 10 May 2020 and refrain from any enquiries prior to that date.


Good Luck !