FAQ: Scholarships

Li Chen und M. Behrend
I’m from a country registered on the OECD list – is that sufficient for a scholarship being granted ?
Clearly not. Firstly, scholarships are not strictly reserved for participants from developing countries although such applicants may be preferred given equal qualification. Only in exceptional cases can scholarships be granted to nationals of developed countries. Secondly, the OECD listing is only one requirement to determine rating, the other being personal need for financial assistance, which is to be certified within the application. The Foundation reserves the right to request evidence of your inability to cover the Course Fee and other expenses. This is especially likely if you are employed. If in doubt, ask us beforehand; of course, such delicate matters are treated confidentially. This is certainly better than being summarily dismissed due to doubtful financial needs.
I’m of a nationality eligible for scholarship preference but work / study outside my home country; does that jeopardise grant of a scholarship ?
Not in principle, as eligibility is determined by nationality regardless of the country of domicile. However, you should expect the Foundation to question your financial needs (see above). You also need to note that a Travel Grant may not be awarded and if so, only from and to your current domicile.

If you are living in Hamburg or its vicinity at the time of application, you are expected to retain your current accommodation for the duration of the Summer Academy; accordingly, only a partial scholarship excluding accomodation can be granted; Travel Grants will not be awarded in such cases.

If I had applied for a scholarship which subsequently could not be granted, could I gain admission as a self-funding participant ?
The application form contains the question as to whether you would like to attend as a self-funding candidate in case a scholarship cannot be granted. Only if you answer “Yes”, the Foundation will notify you, if and when a vacation for a self-funding candidate opens. If you answer “No”, you cannot make up your mind at a later stage, especially not after you have been notified that your application was unsuccessful.
I understand that a scholarship covers the Course Fee. Is there any further contribution to living costs in Hamburg ?
The answer to this question depends on the rules and regulations of the supporter funding a scholarship. Currently, supporters do not allow for any pocket money or other cash subsidies being granted. Furthermore, the Foundation expects scholars to contribute to their stay in Hamburg, given the fact that certain costs at home are saved while being here.
What is the meaning of my declaration that I have exhausted all means of alternative financing ?
Given the limited availability of scholarships, the Foundation expects applicants to invest own income or savings into further education and/or to search actively for funding other than through our financial aid. That includes grants from employers, universities or institutions, loans from banks or spouses and relatives. We expect you to elaborate on your attempts in the application.
I’m aware that access to the Summer Academy could also be based on a scholarship by the Nippon Foundation through the “Capacity-Building and Training Programme on Dispute Settlement under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea” at the Tribunal; does it make sense to submit applications for both programs ?
Applications for both programs are admissible in principle. The award of scholarships under the Nippon program is decided by the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) and information about applications will be exchanged with the Foundation, double applications identified and decisions mutually agreed. However, within the scholarship application form you declare and certify that you are not applying for other funds. As a scholarship grant from another institution, including the Nippon program, would be such “other funds”, you need to state parallel application in your form or inform us separately about it.