Class of 2017 – Lectures

Monday, 24 July


ITLOS Jurisprudence Contentious Cases – Merits by Vladimir Golitsyn

Procedures Overview by Philippe Gautier

Presentation Procedures Overview



Roots of the Tribunal – The UNCLOS Regime by Gudmundur Eiriksson

Presentation Roots of the Tribunal

Tuesday, 25 July


Maritime Delimitation – Caselaw by Jin-Hyun Paik

Presentation Maritime Delimitation


Prompt Release & Provisional Measures by José Luis Jesus

Advisory Opinions by Shunji Yanai

Presentation Advisory Opinions

Wednesday, 26 July

Ocean Governance

Ocean Governance Workshop by Maria Carolina Romero Lares

Presentation Oceans Governance


Dispute Settlement – UNCLOS Part XV by Tafsir M. Ndiaye

Reader Dispute Settlement (en)

Thursday, 27 July


Rights & Duties of Flag States, Piracy by Andrew Murdoch

Presentation Freedom of Navigation


Maritime Zones by David Attard

Friday, 28 July


Outer Limits of the Continental Shelf – Articles 76, 82 UNCLOS by Vladimir Golitsyn

Presentation Continental Shelf (Art. 76 UNCLOS)

Presentation Continental Shelf (Art. 82 UNCLOS)

Monday, 31 July


Fisheries by Tomas Heidar

Presentation Fisheries

Tuesday, 1 August


Maritime Environmental Protection by Tullio Treves

Delimitation Workshop

Introduction by Robin Cleverly & John Brown

Presentation Delimitation Workshop

Workshop handouts 2017


Wednesday, 2 August

Delimitation Workshop

by Robin Cleverly & John Brown

Tasmania Scenario

Victoria Scenario

Exercise pilot_v3

Thursday, 3 August

Law of the Sea New Challenges (1)

Issues past UNCLOS by Nele Matz-Lück

Presentation Issues past UNCLOS

Law of the Sea Research Guide

by Elzbieta Mizerska-Dyba

Friday, 4 August

Law of the Sea New Challenges (2)

Conservation and Sustainable Use of Marine Biological – Diversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ) by Liesbeth Lijnzaad

Presentation BBNJ

Summer Academy Open Event

20 Years CLCS – Achievements, Current Issues and the Way Ahead by Galo Carrera Hurtado

Monday, 7 August


Introduction into the Industry and Current Perspectives by Martin Stopford

Presentation Introduction Shipping

Presentation Shipping Part 1

Presentation Shipping Part 2

Wednesday, 9 August

Maritime Law (3)

Hague/Visby-, Hamburg- & Rotterdam Rules by John Hare

Presentation Maritime Law (3) – Hague and Visby Rules 2017

Session 4 – Extracts from Hague Visby

Maritime Law (4)

Carriage of Goods by Sea (2) – Bills of Landing by Filippo Lorenzon

Moot Court Coaching

by Johannes Fuchs

Presentation Moot Court Coaching

Thursday, 10 August

Maritime Law (5)

Building, Buying, Selling & Scrapping Ships / Marine Insurance – Introduction & Case Study by John Hare

Presentation Maritime Law (5) – Marine Insurance 2017

Presentation Maritime Law (5) – Building, buying and scrapping ships 2017

IFLOS Marine Insurance Problem

Maritime Law (6)

Arrest of Ships – Introduction & Case Study by Volker Lücke

Presentation Maritime Law (6) – Arrest of Ships

Friday, 11 August

Marine Pollution

Various Types of Damage resulting from spills from Ships – Compensation & Insurance Issues by Måns Jacobsson

Presentation P&I

Presentation Tankers

Presentation Bunkers

Presentation HNS

Presentation Interrelations

Monday, 14 August

Ship Building & Vessel Financing (1)

The Role of Classification Societies by Gesa Heinacher-Lindemann

Presentation Classification Societies

Ship Building & Vessel Financing (2)

Ship Finance, Sale & Purchase and Registration by Christian Finnern

Presentation Ship Finance, Sale & Purchase and Registration