2021 Online Event – Registration

2021 Online Event – Registration

After the cancellation of this year’s Summer Academy, IFLOS has decided to invite the applicants for the Summer Academy in the years 2020 and 2021 an exclusive online event that is to be held 16 to 21 August.

A draft schedule for the event can be found here. You can register to participate in the course until 9 May 2021.

To cover administration costs, a small fee of 250will be required to participate. For currently enrolled students, a lower fee of 150€ is required. To prove you are currently enrolled, you will need to upload a certificate of enrolment (or equivalent). An invoice with the payment details will be sent to you after the registration period has expired.

You will further be required to upload a current CV. We of course know that you have already gone through a lengthy application process for the regular Summer Academy. The required CV is therefore not used to determine eligibility, but rather to gain an insight into you as the event’s audience and best suit your needs when creating the online course. A very simple and short CV without pictures or additional documents is therefore sufficient.

Thank you for your interest and your patience in this difficult time! We look forward to seeing you soon and wish you all the best until then!

This form is currently closed for submissions.