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Dear applicant,

Below, you find the Summer Academy application form. It is rather extensive, so please be prepared to spend some time filling it out.

To improve handling and clarity, the form is broken down into several pages. You can only progress to the next page once you have entered all required information (fields marked with an *) on the preceding one. You can, however, return to previous pages anytime without losing the information you entered in the later ones (though only during the same browser session, the form will not be saved beyond one browser session).

In addition to time, the following files will need to be uploaded in the course of this application form:

  • Copies of your university certificates, combined into one single pdf-file not exceeding 30 MB.
  • A copy of your TOEFL or IELTS certificate (unless you are a native English speaker or have completed an academic program with a thesis in English) as one pdf-file not exceeding 10 MB.
  • If you have them already, two recent reference letters from referees that can attest to your abilities qualifying you for participation (as pdf-files not exceeding 10 MB each). These letters can alternatively be sent separately by the referees themselves to our email-address at a later point, but within the application period.
  • A current passport photo (.jpg-format, not exceeding 5 MB). This, as well as biometric information (height, weight, eye colour) is required for access to the ITLOS premises, but will not be made available to the selection committee, and therefore not influence the decision on your participation.

Please refrain from using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in all fields. This bears repeating: Do NOT use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in any field, including, but not limited to, the fields for Family name or Given Name(s). Please follow the instructions as laid out below or above the fields, e.g. concerning the naming of the files that need to be uploaded or the order in which you enter your academic or career stations.

With that, we thank you for your interest and look forward to your application very much! Good luck and

Kind regards,

the Summer Academy Management Team

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